Meaning behind JUSTECH

JUSTECH is the combination of Just with Time, Technology and Quality, which reflects our pursuit of a brand of time efficiency, professionalism and high quality. JUSTECH is phonemically translated into “Jie Shi De (鸿博体育(中国)集团有限公司)” in Chinese.

The letter J is artistically transformed into a design element and two suchele

Logo description: the hexagon represents the manufacturing in which myriads of nutsare used to connect and fasten different parts of a machine to make it a sturdy and functional whole of which the operation capacities are maximized.Additionally, it also indicates JUSTECH’s great vision to be a world-class intelligent manufacturing company.

Corporate culture key words

Corporate keywords are the essentials of our corporate culture and values we have stayed true to since our establishment, guidelines on how to work and do things for everyone at JUSTECH, and an important part of our corporate DNA.

Ultimate service to create customer value;                      continuous endeavors to achieve benefit sharing.

JUSTECH founder quotations

I have been working hard to change and make everyone's life better and better. A good life can change your ideology and change your ideology to change your destiny. Your destiny has changed, and you have changed the world.

  • Company Mission Intelligence makes everything.
  • Company Vision To be a world-class intelligent manufacturing company.